Adoption Takes Time

Look back into your life past 5 or 10 years back. You will realize that many things have changed. The old house that you have stayed 10 years ago, it’s now other person’s house, maybe fully renovated. Things change over time. The present is not permanent.

Although the future may seem far, and never to come, it will come.

Remember back in the days when we used a Nokia phone with SMS capabilities?

There was once, people were fascinated with technology. Everyone can now communicate with anybody in the world with SMS. Now, how often do we use SMS for communication? After 5 to 10 years, we have transitioned to online messaging such as Whatsapp and Facebook messenger.

But how long did it take from SMS to online messaging? It took quite some time. Take time to reflect back what happened. Smartphone was booming. We have touchscreen phones. We have better internet, better speeds. We now have from GSM to GPRS to 3G to 4G to LTE and beyond. We transitioned from Nokia to Apple Iphones.

It was not possible in the past for people to imagine what will happen in the future. But now, everybody has a smartphone. Everyone is connected through the web.

From downloading MP3s to Spotify

Back in the days, we spend time searching for songs via torrent sites for songs. We would wait for a song to download, maybe a few minutes to hours to even days if we are downloading an album.

Now we have Spotify, with a single click, we can stream instantly. All thanks to faster internet connection and better technology, whether it’s our PC or smartphones.

Patience is a virtue

Maybe you feel that the world we are living today is so advanced, that everybody should catch up with you. Sometimes we feel frustrated that a restaurant refuse to accept your AMEX card, and only accept cash. You might think, what world are we living now, still refusing technology? Or maybe you went into an insurance company and was told that the system is currently down, under maintenance, and you cannot renew your insurance. You came all the way and was told you are unable to renew your insurance because of a system maintenance?

Well, the world we are living today will be different in the future. People will slowly adopt and get better.

Look into the future, people will be paying with cryptocurrency instead of cash or credit cards. But of course, it will take a long time, just like the transition from SMS to online messaging. Adoption can be accelerated by big giants adopting it first and subsequently smaller merchants.

Systems will be better, with less downtime, less maintenance issues with blockchain technology. No longer is a central server needed to update or renew your insurance. There will be no downtime for maintenance. It will be less prone to hacking. It will be better.

But it all takes time.

Have faith

Have faith, as the future will be better. What we will have in the future will be better, faster. And we might not even have thought about it from today.

Have a little patience. It’s no use getting frustrated because a tech is not functioning as it should today. There will be disappointments in the present, but it will get better in the future. Although nothing will ever be perfect, but it will be nearly flawless.

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