Bitcoin As A Vote

Just like in a democratic country, where someone votes for their political party of choice, Bitcoin is a vote against the fractional reserve money printing system.

Bitcoin can never be stopped. Why? The reason is because there will always be believers that will use bitcoin. When it gets more and more expensive to mine bitcoin, some people will give up. However, remember that there will always be someone that will mine bitcoin even if bitcoin goes to near-zero. That’s because some people can mine bitcoin with solar energy, using free electricity.

Why it will not go away? Bitcoin has functions. It’s most powerful use is as an internet currency. Just imagine that countries have their own currencies, and the internet has bitcoin as its currency. Look back 10 years or earlier, or even now, transferring money from one person to another via the internet is still a hassle. You cannot transfer money easily without a central authority. You cannot transfer money without paying huge fees. You cannot transfer money if you do not have an account with a particular bank or entity.

With bitcoin, you can transfer money easily via QR code by scanning your phone on the screen. You can send money to people through YouTube, Facebook, or even the television instantly. The person who wants to receive money just have to display a QR code, something like a bank account number. And anybody can transfer into the bank account without borders. You do not need to have a bank account, you do not need to use PayPal or Visa or Mastercard to transfer money.

And best of all, people cannot take away your money from you. Once it’s sent to an address, only the person who has the private key, which is you, can access and transfer the money. Nobody can censor and reverse your transaction. Your bank account will always be yours. Nobody can close, suspend of freeze your account pending “fraud” investigations which will take years or more with only tiny hope of restoring your account.

Think of bitcoin not as a speculative stock. Think of bitcoin like a vote that you believe in sound money. Vote that you will never bow down to fractional reserve fraud system. Vote that someday, everyone will realize the true financial system we are currently using. Vote that one day, it will be much more fair financially for everyone.

In China and in many countries, governments are actively monitoring and spying on your activities and banking records. In China, people use mobile payments such as WeChat pay and AliPay, which heavily rely on such giant companies to transact with one another. And the downside? All these data are available to the government.

And if everyone keeps money in their mobile wallet, and someday, whenever you are against a certain political party of person, you will be banned. Your account will be frozen. You will not be able to transact with anyone. You will not be able to do anything at all. Think of the consequences. People will be obedient and be suppressed by their governments.

Vote bitcoin if you believe in freedom of money. Vote for bitcoin if you believe in sound money. Vote in bitcoin if you think the fractional reserve system has to change. Vote in bitcoin if you believe in the future of money. It may mean that you lose a lot of money in the short term, but in the long term, as more and more people rise and realize the financial system is a fraud, people will use bitcoin. It may take few generations to change the system. It may mean you will need to wait 10 to 20 years or more, for the younger tech savvy generation, maybe not even born yet to change the world for the better.

What is the best way to vote for bitcoin? Dollar cost average a tiny amount of your salary in something you truly believe. Irregardless of the price, just vote like 5-10% of your monthly salary into bitcoin. Overtime, someday, you will reap the rewards. Only put money you do not need in the short term, money you truly believe. Your money is your vote. And remember to stick to your dollar cost average strategy, and do not FOMO. It takes a lot of patience, a lot of despair and disappointment. Only if you truly believe. Even if it ultimately fails, at least you have tried, and hoped for a better world.

It’s your vote.

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