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With so many types of electric induction cooktop available in the market, choosing which magnetic induction cooktop can be difficult.

Induction stove price range from low to high. You can choose from portable single induction cooktop that are really very affordable to domino induction cookers to high end expensive cooktops.

Something to take note is that you will need to buy special induction cooktop pans if you plan to use an induction cooker. However, there are also methods to use your conventional cookers by using an induction adapter. Below is an example of an induction adapter.

If space is an issue for you, a portable induction cooktop is ideal for small kitchens. Sometimes you might not need 2 burner induction cooktop if you have a minimalist kitchen. If space is not a problem, consider getting a double induction cooktop as you can multitask better.

You might ask what is the best induction cooktop? Well, the best induction cooktop is the one that you always use. There is no use investing in an expensive and grand cooktop if you rarely use it. Even a small induction cooktop or a portable induction cooker does the job well if you do light cooking at home. Heck, even cheap induction cooktop might be the best choice for you.

Here are a few single burner induction cooktop or portable induction range cooker that you might be of use to you. Magnetic induction stove does not have to be expensive to be useful. There is no need to wait for induction cooktop offers as induction cooktops for sale nowadays are really affordable.

If you need to use 2 burners at the same time, it is a wise choice to buy the one with two inductions. For example, you can boil water in one and fry in another induction range cooker. Here are a few home induction cooktop that will surely do the job for you. Be sure to compare induction cooktop that suit your choice best.

Gas cooker is no longer popular as it is safer to use even cheap electric cookers. Gas can pose serious injuries if not handled properly, for example, gas leak may occur and cause an explosion.

However, if you are a careful person and feel that cheap gas cookers is your choice, then you should always be safe when handling these cookers. Sometimes, cooking with electric range cookers vs gas range cookers can be different. The feel and the taste might vary. Always check for leaks if you use gas range cookers often. You might need to change to newer hoses or newer cooker hob if yours is old. Cooker deals!

In addition to the right induction cooker, maybe you are using an ikea kitchen with 24 inch or 60cm cabinet, you might need to consider to get an electric cooker 60cm hob instead of double induction cooktops or bigger ones. There are also many 60cm induction hobs that you can choose from. Hera are a few 60cm cooker to help you.

We hope that it has been helpful to you in choosing the right electric hob. A high quality induction burner can last a lifetime if it is taken good care of. Always remember that the best induction hob is the one that you use everyday.

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