Investment Quotes

Nobody can time the market or buy from the very bottom. Dollar-cost-average!

Investing takes time and patience, if everybody can do it, everybody is rich.

Investing involves emotions, there will be bull and bear markets.

Buy low and sell high, but it is not easy. If it is so easy, everyone will be rich.

Controlling your emotions is key to investing. Do not follow the herd.

Buy when everyone is selling, sell when everyone is buying. Be greedy when others are fearful, and vice versa.

An investment is a long term journey, it takes not 1 year or 2 years but sometimes decades.

Don’t plan to beat the market, nobody can time the market. Stick to your plan and be disciplined.

It’s easy to buy items that are on sale, but it is not easy to buy a “discounted” stock/ investment.

It’s hard to buy items that are increasing in price at a stall, but why is it easy to buy stocks rapidly increasing in price? Why FOMO (Fear of missing out)?

Never lose yourself. Never be too over the clouds when winning and never despair when losing. Life is after all a game everybody plays, and in the end everybody dies.

Even if you have lost it all, you can always restart. Be humble and start again. It will not be easy. Remember that. 

Planning takes time, and lots of patience.

Money makes money. Never trade your time for money.

Live not to impress others, but just be happy yourself simply. Do not overspend on things you do not need to impress the people you do not like.

Hold on.

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