Trading Emotions

Let’s face it. Trading involves a lot of emotions. When it involves money, everything is emotional. That is no wonder why charts and patterns repeat always. And history repeat itself. People always think that, this time it’s different. How different is it actually? Not really.

How market cycles always work and will always work, is due to human emotions. Believe it or not, even if you are saying you do not trade with emotions, you are actually in denial. Everybody cares when their entire life savings is on the line. Everyone cares even when people say they are only putting money that they can afford to lose. It always revolves around emotions.

Whenever there is a bull run – the herd mentality

Whenever the stock price is rising, people get excited and fear of missing out (FOMO), therefore they will buy when the price is increasing. And people feel that is the right decision and will dump their savings and feel dumb if they do not take out loans to buy a rising stock. However, little did they know that smart money is starting to dump their stocks. Smart money with huge amounts of money can influence the media. They will share “good news” in the media so that everyone will want a piece of the action. But when the enthusiasm is diminished, the stock price plunge. That starts the end of the bull market.

In a bull market, people will feel that they are smart, able to double their money in a short amount of time. Some people even start to think of retirement, all the money that they have accumulated, when they can quit their job.

Denial and Hope

After taking huge loans, people will keep holding on to the stock, in hopes that it’s only temporary and it will rebound soon after this. Whenever a stock dips a little, some even take out more and more loan, thinking that it’s a good deal as the stock price will surely go up again.

However, the stock continues its downward pressure as the smart money is still selling.

Soon, emotions take over. Then there is denial, pessimism, panic and then capitulation. The general public will feel how stupid they were to invest everything and take on margin to buy a stock. They regret and feel dumb. Everybody sells during this period.

That’s the time when it’s a sale for smart money. Smart investors will grab these cheap stocks on discount from weak hands.

Ending of the bear market

Right after the weak hands have sold their stocks, price will rebound from buying by smart investors.

Soon, there will be hope, relief then optimism.

Here goes another bubble, and the cycle repeats.

Trading – It’s not easy, Learn more about yourself and your emotions

Let’s face it. Everything is not easy in life. Trading affects everyone. It require a high mental attitude and discipline. It involves a lot of patience. A market can take a very long time, even a decade or more to bull. And it can take only a few seconds to tank into bear territories. It is extremely stressful, and it will affect everyone around you.

You may or may not notice, but it will definitely affect your emotions. Whenever a stock rises in price, you will feel confident, happier, and nothing can stop you. And whenever a stock falls, you feel that you are stupid, life is not worth living, and the most depressing moment in your life will occur.

It’s not easy to control ones emotions when trading the stocks market. And it takes lots of time and patience to learn about a market. There is no easy way in life. There is no overnight millionaire or success that comes easily. It’s always the behind-the-scenes of people enduring despair, patience and hope that many do not see. People only notice the successes, but do not notice the hardship and hard work.

Trading & Life

Trading is stressful. People feed all sorts of ideas into their own minds when a stock bulls or bears. Always remember to never lose yourself. A stock price is not a valuation of you. A stock price increasing in price does not mean that you are smart and a stock that is falling does not mean that you are a failure.

Always remember that there is a second chance and third and so on. There will be plenty of opportunities in life, if only you are patient and learn from your mistakes. It’s not going to be easy, but will it be worth while? Only you can decide by yourself.

Full of opportunities

In life, there is plenty of opportunities, if only you can stop and open yourself to view them. It’s no use fooling yourself that the world is falling down and everyone is against you. Cycles occur, and like it or not, history do repeat itself. Everyone thinks that, this time it’s different, but is it really so?

Always remember to be humble in life

In life, there are ups and downs. When you have acquired a fortune, always remember to be humble. Do not overspend and waste on unnecessary splurges. Always remember to keep some money for a rainy day, you might never know when the day will come. And fortunes can overturn in a matter of days.

It may take a decade to accumulate and only a single day to lose it all if you are not careful. Whenever you feel that you have accumulated quite a fortune, always consider to diversity. Diversifying is one of the ways to preserve your fortune and reduce your risks.

Do not despair

Always believe in yourself. Believe and have faith. Have the patience to endure a loss. It’s not really the end of the world. We can choose in our lives. Life is like a game, in which everyone plays. Everyone is born and live to work to accumulate wealth and then dies. It’s not the destination but it’s the journey that matters. In the end, what do you really live for? Money, health, famous or happiness? Whatever we do, always remember that we always have a second chance and we can always start all over again. Be humble. Life is worth living.

Life Quotes

Life is a marathon, a journey, it’s not the destination that counts.

Why rush? Be patient. Everyone dies in the end. Slowly take the time to enjoy every moment of life.

Everyone’s life is different. Why live our lives comparing to one another? Be grateful that you are alive today.

Whenever you feel stressed, bored or stuck in life, go for a walk. Go spend some time brisk walking at your nearest park. And appreciate nature and life. You will not regret it.

Slow down, live every moment, slowly.

Investment Quotes

Nobody can time the market or buy from the very bottom. Dollar-cost-average!

Investing takes time and patience, if everybody can do it, everybody is rich.

Investing involves emotions, there will be bull and bear markets.

Buy low and sell high, but it is not easy. If it is so easy, everyone will be rich.

Controlling your emotions is key to investing. Do not follow the herd.

Buy when everyone is selling, sell when everyone is buying. Be greedy when others are fearful, and vice versa.

An investment is a long term journey, it takes not 1 year or 2 years but sometimes decades.

Don’t plan to beat the market, nobody can time the market. Stick to your plan and be disciplined.

It’s easy to buy items that are on sale, but it is not easy to buy a “discounted” stock/ investment.

It’s hard to buy items that are increasing in price at a stall, but why is it easy to buy stocks rapidly increasing in price? Why FOMO (Fear of missing out)?

Never lose yourself. Never be too over the clouds when winning and never despair when losing. Life is after all a game everybody plays, and in the end everybody dies.

Even if you have lost it all, you can always restart. Be humble and start again. It will not be easy. Remember that. 

Planning takes time, and lots of patience.

Money makes money. Never trade your time for money.

Live not to impress others, but just be happy yourself simply. Do not overspend on things you do not need to impress the people you do not like.

Hold on.

Adoption Takes Time

Look back into your life past 5 or 10 years back. You will realize that many things have changed. The old house that you have stayed 10 years ago, it’s now other person’s house, maybe fully renovated. Things change over time. The present is not permanent.

Although the future may seem far, and never to come, it will come.

Remember back in the days when we used a Nokia phone with SMS capabilities?

There was once, people were fascinated with technology. Everyone can now communicate with anybody in the world with SMS. Now, how often do we use SMS for communication? After 5 to 10 years, we have transitioned to online messaging such as Whatsapp and Facebook messenger.

But how long did it take from SMS to online messaging? It took quite some time. Take time to reflect back what happened. Smartphone was booming. We have touchscreen phones. We have better internet, better speeds. We now have from GSM to GPRS to 3G to 4G to LTE and beyond. We transitioned from Nokia to Apple Iphones.

It was not possible in the past for people to imagine what will happen in the future. But now, everybody has a smartphone. Everyone is connected through the web.

From downloading MP3s to Spotify

Back in the days, we spend time searching for songs via torrent sites for songs. We would wait for a song to download, maybe a few minutes to hours to even days if we are downloading an album.

Now we have Spotify, with a single click, we can stream instantly. All thanks to faster internet connection and better technology, whether it’s our PC or smartphones.

Patience is a virtue

Maybe you feel that the world we are living today is so advanced, that everybody should catch up with you. Sometimes we feel frustrated that a restaurant refuse to accept your AMEX card, and only accept cash. You might think, what world are we living now, still refusing technology? Or maybe you went into an insurance company and was told that the system is currently down, under maintenance, and you cannot renew your insurance. You came all the way and was told you are unable to renew your insurance because of a system maintenance?

Well, the world we are living today will be different in the future. People will slowly adopt and get better.

Look into the future, people will be paying with cryptocurrency instead of cash or credit cards. But of course, it will take a long time, just like the transition from SMS to online messaging. Adoption can be accelerated by big giants adopting it first and subsequently smaller merchants.

Systems will be better, with less downtime, less maintenance issues with blockchain technology. No longer is a central server needed to update or renew your insurance. There will be no downtime for maintenance. It will be less prone to hacking. It will be better.

But it all takes time.

Have faith

Have faith, as the future will be better. What we will have in the future will be better, faster. And we might not even have thought about it from today.

Have a little patience. It’s no use getting frustrated because a tech is not functioning as it should today. There will be disappointments in the present, but it will get better in the future. Although nothing will ever be perfect, but it will be nearly flawless.

Bitcoin Adoption – Into the future of blockchain use cases

Bitcoin as we know it today is still at its infancy stage. Why is it so? In 2017, the whole bitcoin infrastructure became unusable for transacting with each other as money due to high fees. With new ideas came the vision of lightning network, allowing instantaneous payments, bringing second layer into bitcoin.

With more and more investments being poured into the bitcoin ecosystem, newer inventions are made. New ideas are built.

The future of payments as we see it

  • Bitcoin is the currency of choice for transactions online
  • NFC enabled smart phones are being used to transact at stores
  • Bitcoin having grown bigger, the currency is more stable for transactions
  • Computers paying computers or internet-of-things devices
  • Lightning network for micro-payments, bitcoin on-chain for large purchases such as properties
  • Smart contracts for agreements
  • In-Game currency

Bitcoin as the currency of choice for online transactions

As more people learn about bitcoin and adopt in their businesses, bitcoin becomes the currency of choice for buying online. It’s great for people who do not have bank accounts or credit cards due to various reasons. Calling it banking the unbanked.

Transactions in bitcoin are done irrespective of countries or borders. No one is denied from transacting from one another. No central authority can judge what you can or cannot sell. Nobody can restrict free trade and deny someone’s rights to transact due to race or political views. It’s the freedom to trade with anyone anywhere in the world.

No one has to pay high fees to transact online. You do not have to pay your credit card merchants high fees for transactions anymore. Cut out the middle man which is taking all the profits from your business. You do not have to pay high currency conversion rates from different countries.

Transactions occur instantly with negligible fees (almost free). You will receive the money in less than a second anywhere in the world. No need to wait for many days for the money to be deposited into your bank account.

Furthermore, cross-border transactions will be so much easier and more efficient. No longer do you need to wire money or use western union for money transfer that charge exorbitant amount of fees.

NFC enabled smart phones are being used to transact at stores

Like in China, QR codes are being used to send money via Alipay and WeChat Pay. Like using a credit card with paywave function, you can pay a merchant just by touching your phone on the receiver. Like using Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, bitcoin using NFC will replace existing Vsa and Mastercard transactions due to its more efficient and less fee advantages.

As more and more people can afford better smart phones at lower price, the future NFC payment via bitcoin lightning can come true.

The future is already here. We are already using Samsung Pay to pay using the credit card linked to our phones. It’s about time people realize the potential of using something similar using lightning network on top of bitcoin’s secure blockchain technology.

Maybe some day in the future, lightning network on top of bitcoin can be used on a specially designed credit-card sized hardware wallet which acts like a regular credit card with tap-to-pay function. You will be able to preload your bitcoin into your card before use, acting like a regular wallet.

Visa outage that happened in Europe after card network crashes will be a thing of the past using the bitcoin blockchain technology. It’s because the network will be decentralized, and you do not need a central authority to process the transactions.

As the size of bitcoin grows bigger, the volatility of the currency decreases

Bitcoin currently is just over a 100 billion USD market capitalization currency.  It’s still too early and relatively small compared to other commodities, stocks etc. It’s even smaller in size compared to the dot-com bubble which is trillions in size.

Don’t believe bitcoin can grow? Look at Amazon and Facebook’s stocks for comparison.

As you can see, Amazon’s total market capitalization is 823 billion dollars. And it’s only a single company. The market capitalization is currently 8 times bigger than bitcoin (bitcoin is used everywhere in the world – worldwide).

Take another look at Facebook’s market capitalization, which is 554 billion dollars currently. Bitcoin pales in comparison to these two single entities.

And why we think bitcoin can grow larger in the future? Look at the price of Amazon since the beginning, 1.73 USD on May 16, 1997. And it has grown more than 100 times  in over a span of a little over 20 years. Facebook? 38.23 USD since May 18, 2012 to currently 5 times in over just 6 years.

Then there’s Google’s Alphabet. No explanations needed.

Bitcoin is being traded everywhere in the world. And it’s future is bright. The price in the future will be massive. And as bitcoin becomes a giant, the volatility will decrease over time. People will be able to use bitcoin for transactions with one another without having to worry about the price falling over 10 percent or more after a few hours.

Internet of things devices on bitcoin lightning network

Imagine that in the future, devices such as your car will be able to pay another machine automatically. For example, you park your autonomous electric vehicle at a supercharger. And while your car is being charged, micro-payments via bitcoin lighting are being paid from your car to the charger machine automatically for using the electricity. You do not need to personally tap your wallet to pay. It’s all being done automatically.

Talk about the possibilities, it is endless. As artificial intelligence becoming more advanced day by day, the future is sure interesting.

Bitcoin lightning network for micropayments while pay with bitcoin on-chain for larger purchases

In the future, we leave some spare change in our lightning wallet for small purchases and use bitcoin on-chain for larger purchases such as cars and properties.

Paying via bitcoin on-chain is the most secure way of transactions, being powered by miners all around the world. Once the transaction has received a few confirmations, the transaction is therefore irreversible and there is no way for refund in the bitcoin network.

And it’s all possible in the future as the size of bitcoin grows big enough that the price volatility is decreased to the minimum.

Smart contracts for agreements

Besides bitcoin, we also have other cryptocurrencies such as ethereum and litecoin. Each with their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, litecoin can also be used for large transactions such as properties in the future due to its secure network on-chain, and it’s faster to transact with litecoin compared to bitcoin on-chain, plus the lower fees.

Ethereum is being used for smart contracts. Many decentralized apps, called Dapps are being developed for this purpose. Use case scenario? Let say you buy a house and you receive a piece of digital property paper with you being the owner of the property. Nobody can question the validity and it is guaranteed to be safe and secure. Frauds will be a thing of the past. Everything done will be recorded in the digital ledger which will be present forever.

In-Game currency

As time progresses, many game developers will choose to use cryptocurrency for their in-game money. Whenever someone wants to level-up and buy more powerful item in a game, one can pay with a QR code scanned and buy instantly. That will change the gaming space in the future.

Already, many online casinos have been using bitcoin and altcoins for transactions. Most of the casinos online prefer to use bitcoin as some face scrutiny opening a bank account for online gambling. Many online gambling sites frequently have to open a new bank account as they are often times suspended for their activities. As deemed illegal by central authorities such as banks. With bitcoin, no central authority can punish or judge you by closing your account, because only you have control over your digital wallet account.

The future of bitcoin is limitless

As the world evolve, people with ingenuity will  be able to build revolutionary technology. Ideas get better and things get done more efficiently.

Advice for Future Self – Letter to future self

Sometimes, we just wish that we could go back in time to tell ourselves what we should have done.  But let’s face it, we cannot change the past. However, we can change the present and future.

So, stop living in the past and move on. Live in the present. Live for the future.

Our time is limited. We do not live forever

If you start to think this way, you will manage your life better. Everyone’s life is different. At every stage of your life, you will have different priorities.

When we are young, we tend to think that we will live forever and spend our time and life like it is not going to end. But, we have to realize that we grow old day after day. And lost time cannot be brought back.

Learn to do something worth while and valuable. Whether it’s for you or for the world. Live a life of purpose. Don’t let time pass by.

Time is your most valuable asset

Like money, we do not value our time as precious as our money. We trade our time for money by working for something we do not like to make some money.

Have you ever wondered why do we think that the more hours we put into work, the more money we earn? Is this way of thinking still valid in today’s world? Our time is limited and lost time cannot be bought back.

Using money to work for you

Do not trade time for money. Instead, use money to work for you. Imagine that every dollar you have is like your workers. Put your money to good use. Invest your money in multiple sources. Let your money work for you. Albert Einstein once said, compound interest is the eight wonder of the world.

Live your dream

Your time in this world is too valuable to live someone else’s dream. It’s time to live your own dream. Pursue your own dream. Don’t live for someone else. It’s your life. It’s your time. Why do we budget our money but not budget our time? Isn’t it strange? We always have the extra time for gossiping about our co-workers but not the extra money to invest.

We should value time as precious and more valuable than money or gold.

Plan for the future

We live our present life to plan for the future. Plan for retirement. The day will come sooner than you realize. Every mundane repetitive work we do everyday, we grow older and older.

Stop comparing your life with others

All our lives are different. We are born of different parents. Different countries, different social economic class in society. Stop comparing your life with someone whom you think is relatively richer than you. Start living your life and accumulate knowledge. Accumulate wealth.

Have a purpose

What is your purpose in life? What should you do to live a purposeful life? Think of something that you can bring value to someone else’s life. For example, if you are a teacher, you bring value by educating the young to prepare for the future. If you are a doctor, every little life saving procedure that you do can do good and bring a positive impact to the society.

Don’t waste your life and waste your time in this world by taking on drugs. It’s not worth it. Your life is more valuable that that.

We all have our down times 

Just like in the stocks market, sometimes we feel depress and sometimes euphoria. Not that you are suffering from bipolar disorder, it’s just the way life is. Sometimes we feel happy, success and great. And sometimes we feel sad, despair, disappointed. Sometimes it’s not to our ability to change this.

Whatever happens, happens. We cannot change it. But we can change our views and live a more positive life. Always view life in a positive light.

Sometimes, it doesn’t really matter in the end. So you have lost all your money in the stock market, you will surely feel bad now. But you have to believe in yourself that you will get it all back later, even if it takes a longer time frame. Maybe something good will come from that too. You will learn to balance your risk and approach using a different strategy.

Everything is changing, it’s evolving

We do not stay static all the time. The old will fade. We must all change or we will all become obsolete. The world is not what it used to be. There was no smart phones, autonomous self driving cars, artificial intelligence in the past. We must learn to embrace the future. After all, we all want everything to be faster, more precise and better. We want to save time by cutting down unproductive activities such as driving cars, or working in a boring autonomous job.

The future is here. Learn to see the world differently. Imagine a world that we can travel from one hemisphere of the earth to another in just less than an hour, instead of one full day.

Imagine that you do not have to place a call to the barber shop for an appointment, costing you about 10 minutes of your life that you cannot get back. It can now be done by artificial intelligence, whereby you instruct your phone to place an appointment and it will automatically call the barber to place an appointment.

Opportunity cost

Yes it exist. Whatever you are doing at the moment is costing you. What this means is that, if you are spending your time drinking alcohol with your friends, you are allocating that time in which you could have used it to work, earn money for example. However, it’s not to say that you should allocate all your time to work and no play. We need to balance our time.

Spend more time on productive activities and less on fun. But not totally cut on fun. It will have a toll on your life, you will feel that your life is all work and boring.

Work is not the most important thing in life

You should also realize that work is not the most important aspect in your life. You cannot replace lost time in work. Therefore, don’t work on something that is not meaningful or interesting in your life. Do something that interests you, do something you love. That way, you will enjoy better.

Spend a little money to save time

Depending on your net worth, you might want to save some time by paying for your laundry instead of washing on your own. You might rather pay for a driver than to drive yourself and search for parking. Wealthy people view differently when it comes to money. They value time more than they value money.

Spend some money for someone else to do it for you instead of doing it yourself. It will save you productive time that you can do something else. It’s opportunity cost.

Choose quality and avoid cheap

Cheap products are cheap for a reason. Most of the time, it’s because it is made of inferior quality. Not to say spend money on the most expensive item. It’s just that you should avoid the cheapest thing you can find because let’s face it, cheaper products are inferior compared to expensive products most of the time. But not all the time of course.

You should spend a little bit more money on a better pair of shoes or bag than to save that little money choosing a lower quality one. It will last longer and provide more value to you in the long term.

Same with stocks picking. Most poor people feel that they cannot afford to buy a blue chip stock, and instead choose to invest in junk stocks. The wealthy choose quality over price.

Learn and study economics

Let’s face it. We are living in a capitalism world. You have no choice but to learn about supply and demand and how it affects people. It’s all related. Money, currency, stocks, politics, societies, economies, it all revolves one another. Some economic policy being implemented will have an effect in the world.

To live a comfortable life in today’s world, you need to accumulate wealth. View money as your fuel. You use money to work for you. You can get more food, more security when you have more money.

Money is the root of all evils? Or the lack of it is the root of all evils. Being wealthy is definitely better than staying poor.

Bitcoin Long Term – Bitcoin vs Stocks | Time to invest in Bitcoin | Is Bitcoin an Investment

By now, many would have heard about bitcoin. Many people might have different perspective and views about bitcoin. For some, is bitcoin investment risk high? For others, is bitcoin opportunity fund now? With the search term bitcoin usd growing every day, how is bitcoin long term going to be? While for some, is bitcoin mining a good investment?

Here are some reasons why bitcoin is good. And is now a good time to buy bitcoin?

When is the best time to invest in bitcoin? Is now a good time to invest in bitcoin? Is bitcoin a smart investment?

The best time to invest in bitcoin is in the past. The second best time to buy is now.  So it is worth buying bitcoin if you are thinking in the future, for the long term.

Should you invest in bitcoin? Is bitcoin bad investment? Should you buy bitcoin? Is bitcoin worth investing?

Like venture capital investing, with high rewards come with high risks. The price may be volatile in the short term, but in the long term, the price will rise if there is more adoption.

So should you invest in bitcoin? The answer can be yes and no. Yes if you believe and understand the underlying technology and economics, that bitcoin will be adopted in the future. And No, if you are only planning to get rich quick. It’s because in the short term, the price might plunge 70% or more but it might also increase ten-fold or more in the future.

Does bitcoin have a stock?

No. Bitcoin is a currency and not a stock. Like all currencies, it may go up or down in value when it is traded with other currencies. If people perceive the US dollar (USD) to be stronger and therefore buy USD and sell bitcoin, the price of bitcoin will fall in relative to USD. Vice versa, if people view bitcoin as a better currency (higher demand) and buy more of it and sell USD to buy it, the price of bitcoin will increase in relative to USD.

Is bitcoin on the stock market? Bitcoin vs stock market

Depends on how you view it, there are many exchanges available online for you to trade bitcoin worldwide. So yes, it is on the stock market. It’s on the international stock market where globally everyone can trade 24 hours without limit.

Bitcoin bad investment?

Yes and no. Yes, if you do not understand the underlying technology and use. And No, if you really understand the potential of bitcoin or blockchain technology will have in the future. If you understand how money works, such as how money is transferred from one person to another, you will think of bitcoin differently.

Why you should invest in bitcoin

There are many use cases for bitcoin at the moment and even more in the future. Currently, you can use bitcoin to transfer money without borders. What does this mean? It means that you can send money to anyone anywhere in the world with low fees.

If you tried to send money overseas, you would have experienced paying very high fees and waiting many days for the funds to clear. With bitcoin, you can send funds instantly and with low fees.

And in the future, you can use bitcoin for micro transactions. What does this mean? It means that you can buy an article online or buy an image instantly using lightning network. And its use case in the future is endless.

Why invest in cryptocurrency? Should you invest in cryptocurrency?

No, if you do not understand it. And yes, you should only invest in the ones you know and understand. Most cryptocurrency or altcoins are fraud in nature. You lose money feeding the early creators. But it’s different for bitcoin and ethereum.

Is bitcoin a good idea? Is bitcoin good? Is investing in bitcoin smart? Is it smart to invest in bitcoin? Should I buy bitcoin now?

Yes. Why invest in bitcoin? Here are the reasons to invest in bitcoin. With bitcoin, you can

  • Send money to anyone online anywhere
  • Send money instantly, unlike wire transfer where you have to wait many days
  • Use for micro-payments in future with lightning network
  • Bring money cross-border, you do not have to worry being caught carrying large sum of money when going overseas (eg. money confiscated, paying heavy tax)
  • Keep money in your own bank account (eg. ledger – hardware wallet, paper wallet) instead of being held ransom by a bank corporation
  • Freedom to use your money the way you want, not as deemed what you can do or cannot do with your money if it is kept by a bank
  • Supply is limited, you cannot print more bitcoin as it has limited number of supply. Unlike fiat currency such as USD
  • Secure. It’s the most secure way to store money currently. And of course, do not store your money in an exchange or you risk losing your money in hacks. Store in hardware wallets

What currency to invest in?


What is the bitcoin stock exchange symbol?


Any bitcoin investment advice?

While it is still at an early stage, you should buy bitcoin via the dollar cost averaging method. As the value is volatile, your strategy is to accumulate more bitcoin in the longer time frame and not to day trade.

For dollar cost averaging, you should set to buy for example USD 100 per month regularly. Therefore, if the price of bitcoin goes up, you buy lesser bitcoin with your USD. And if the price of bitcoin goes down, you buy more bitcoin with your USD. In the future, you would have accumulated more bitcoins.

That way, you will not be carried away with your emotions when the price drops in the short term.

How much bitcoin should I buy? How many bitcoins should I buy?

It varies from person to person. You should only buy with excess money that you have. Meaning, do not spend money that you need to buy for food and shelter today. You can view buying bitcoin like investing in the stock market.

You should never buy bitcoin on a margin or leverage. This is because if you do, you will lose money when the price of bitcoin falls and you will not be able to recover when the price increases after that.

So how much? Also depends on how much you understand the technology and its impact in the future. If you think it is going to change the way people use money in the future, buy more. If you think the future is bleak, sell.

Invest in bitcoin or ethereum?

Bitcoin and ethereum.

Is it safe to invest in bitcoin?

Yes. However, you should always keep your funds in a hardware wallet and not keep in an exchange. Exchanges get hacked every day. Why do exchanges get hacked? Because it is money! Bitcoin is currently a currency that is digital aka internet’s currency of money.

Malaysia – Prepaid Credit Card Malaysia | Mastercard

There is a new prepaid credit card in town. Why does it matter? There are many advantages if you are frequently using AirAsia booking for flights or travelling overseas or shopping online paying in foreign currencies.

Advantages of the new BigPay prepaid credit card include

  • Lowest exchange rate overseas and online
  • Without the need to pay extra charges or fees when booking AirAsia flights using credit card
  • Register by paying RM20 and get back RM30
  • Transfer money to friends using BigPay app
  • Withdraw money from ATMs in Malaysia and overseas
  • Reload prepaid debit card with credit card with no extra fees (no cash advance fees)
  • Get cashback from credit card companies when top up
  • Earn AirAsia Big points
  • No annual fee
  • Best used during airasia deals to get air asia promo ticket
  • Buying bitcoin with credit card – Best way to buy bitcoin

What does it mean by lowest exchange rate overseas?

For example currently, if you purchase something for 20 USD, (Current rate is 1 USD = RM4.00 according to Google) you would have to pay about RM84 (rate about 1 USD = RM4.20) if you are using your regular credit card.

But if you are using the new BigPay prepaid mastercard, you will be paying RM80 (1 USD = RM4.00). It’s approximately or lower than the rate you use google for conversion. What this means is that you will be saving a lot of money if you frequently transact in overseas such as US dollar.

Here’s an extra benefit if you do this. You get to earn double points. First, you earn points or cash rebate from your normal credit card you use to top up your BigPay debit card. Then, you earn extra Big AirAsia points for top up and spending.

Skip the extra charges AirAsia’s so called processing fees for regular credit or debit cards. Airasia booking online without fees.

If you book flights regularly with AirAsia during the air asia promo fever, you will know that you have to pay a lot of fees if you pay by your regular credit or debit card. You are also charged if you use your bank account transfer, albeit lower fees compared to credit cards using airasia flight booking.

You basically pay no fees if you use the new BigPay card for air asia booking ticket. It’s the best mastercard prepaid card available at the moment in Malaysia for booking the lowest air asia ticket price.

If you are looking for prepaid cards with no fees for airasia cheap flight, look no further. You can use the card during airasia flight booking offers to get even a lower price. It’s the only airasia credit card currently available.

How can I buy bitcoin? Buying bitcoin with credit card or buying bitcoin with debit card by BigPay

There is even a better way to buy bitcoin using your credit card or buy bitcoin instantly with debit card.

If you want to buy bitcoin instantly without the excess charges such as cash advance fees, using BigPay is an ideal way. Moreover, you will get a better currency conversion rate than using your regular credit card. Credit card to bitcoin instantly.

First, you will need to reload your BigPay card with your regular credit card. Then, by using Lykke, you can buy bitcoin with your credit card. There are also other sites that you can use to buy bitcoin online such as CEX.IO and Coinmama.

The reason why you do not want to use your regular credit card to buy directly is because some banks charge cash advance fees if you use your credit card to buy bitcoin. It’s not worth it to pay excess fees, which can be up to 10% of the total amount and you have to pay daily interests. It’s one of the highest interest rate that you have to pay!

Moreover, you will get the best currency rate available and still get AirAsia big points. It’s time to buy bitcoin with credit card instantly. With BigPay, you will be able to buy bitcoin with debit card instantly.

If you frequently buy using Lykke, you can buy bitcoin with credit card no verification needed for your card. It’s time to buy btc with debit card to receive instant bitcoin (buy bitcoin with mastercard by BigPay).

With this method, you do not need to buy bitcion with bank account anymore. It’s the easiest way to buy bitcoin and buy bitcoin online instantly. You can also buy litecoin with credit card or buy cryptocurrency of your choice (eg. buy ethereum) with this method using the exchange listed.

Register by paying RM20 and get back RM30 BigPay prepaid credit card online

BigPay requires you to pay RM20 to get the card and in return, you will get back RM20 in your account. So it’s basically free to own the card.

However, if you sign up with a referral code, you will get an extra RM10 in your account. So for paying RM20, you will get back RM30.

Tip : use referral code 6HEQVOU3II

Transfer money to friends using BigPay app

You can transfer money for free if your friends are using the BigPay app. It’s easy to download and use.

It’s available for android and ios users. It’s the only prepaid debit cards with no fees. It’s easily the most useful reloadable debit card.

Withdraw money from ATMs in Malaysia and overseas

You will be charged RM6 per withdrawal in Malaysia or RM10 per withdrawal overseas.

Here is a tip for you if you are really strapped for money and need to get a cash advance from your regular credit card but do not want to pay the high fees. You can reload your BigPay card with your credit card and withdraw the money from any ATM. However, you should not do it unless you are really desperate for money as some accounts have been suspended for suspected abuse or money laundering.

How to get a prepaid card? Steps to register for the prepaid debit cards with no monthly fees

First, you will need to download the app from AppStore if you are using iOS or Google Play for android users.

After you have downloaded and installed into your phone, you will need to redeem the referral code to get the extra RM10 (total RM30) in your account.

Use referral code : 6HEQVOU3II

Registering for the new prepaid debit card will not take you more than 5 minutes. You will have to top up RM20 in order for your card to be shipped to you.

After you have registered, you will need to wait for about 3-5 days for your card to arrive at your address.

Once you have received your card, you can activate the card using your BigPay app instantly. It works like an international prepaid credit card and you can use it in any country that accepts mastercard.